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It’s not just a business.

By November 30, 2016Uncategorized

Brody and I took some time to reflect over the Thanksgiving Holiday and got to thinking about what our little pet furniture business is all about. I get to talk to every person who becomes part of our B&B family and it’s truly amazing to hear everyone’s story. One thing’s for certain, our business starts with the little pups, but the engine that drives this forward is family. We recently got to hear the powerful story of our friend Cindy, who’s Doggie Den has transformed into a memorial of her Firefighting husband.

“My husband was a firefighter and my best friend! In 2008 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My boss allowed me to work from home so I could be with and take care of him while he was Jeromeundergoing treatment. He fought a very brave and painful fight, but unfortunately, passed away four months later. I reached a point
where I could barely get out of bed and then my daughter talked me into getting a puppy that I knew I did not want! Now they have changed my life for the better” -Cindy Crawford

Just a year later Cindy now had two dogs, Cooper and Sammi that were housed in ugly wire kennels. After she saw our ad on Facebook she knew that the Doggie Den was the perfect home for her fur babies. Today, Cindy’s Doggie Den sits in her office that has now been turned into a memorial for her husband, Jerome.

As you can see displayed in these photos, the Firefighters from each department (Akron and Tallmadge) signed Jerome’s helmet and axe, honoring his service and courageous life. He was truly loved by all! While he was in the hospital there was always a fire truck out front. Someone was always there from the station to support them.

Although we are in the business of creating beautiful pieces of pet furniture, we are more so in the business of people and the stories that they get to tell. The Doggie Den has truly changed our life, and our biggest hope is that it will allow us to change someone else’s someday.

With Love

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  • Cindy Crawford says:

    You guys are the best! You have brought so much joy and beauty into my life (and Sammi and Cooper) but you have become my treasured friend!! Your compassion and kindness is unbelievable!! Love you both and wish you a very merry Christmas!

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