We know you’re probably just as tired of hearing about 2020 as we are, and that’s why we’re looking ahead for the best things to come in 2021. The best for us, but especially the best for our favorite four legged friends! 

We recently just had the honor of partnering with the best up-incoming dog product companies out there for our Outfit Your Pup Giveaway. Here at B&B Kustom Kennels we will always encourage our customers to support small businesses and because of that we want to highlight these amazing companies that truly have the best dog products of 2021!

Lilly & Abbie

Have you been looking for a dog bed that isn’t just perfect for your dog, but also the aesthetic for your home? Look no further than Lilly & Abbie Luxury Custom Dog Beds. The outstanding people at Lilly & Abbie have handcrafted their line of gorgeous dog beds with the purpose of creating something unlike anything else. They create their dog beds to perfectly reflect their customer’s lifestyle, personality, and home decor. From their wide selection of washable fabrics to the details of their fine craftsmanship with hidden zippers, these dog beds are the luxury piece your home and dog have been missing. You can shop their website for more details, or you can visit the Accessories page on our site to shop Lilly & Abbie’s line designed specifically to fit perfectly in our B&B kennels.

Hound Works

Hound Works custom dog ornaments

There is nothing more special than a dog! They deserve a spot on the Christmas tree just as much as Aunt Sally or Uncle Bob or anyone else. Afterall they’re the only family members we get a choice in… All jokes aside, HoundWorks is the top of the line when it comes to custom pet ornaments. They created dog ornaments for dog people because they believe in showing pride in our furry friends and we couldn’t agree more. Shop their amazing selection of personalized keepsake and dog breed ornaments, or you can send in a photo of your special pup and they will hand craft an ornament to represent them in all their glory. These are the perfect gifts for all the dog lovers in your life.

 Bullymake Box

bullymake box dog subscriptions

We’ve all known some powerful chewers in our life and Bullymake Box is designed just for them! They make durable toys and delicious treats that your dog won’t be able to resist. And there’s no way to lose when you choose Bullymake Box because everything they make is backed with a durability and satisfaction guarantee. Nothing will be destroyed or leave your dog unsatisfied or they’ll replace it for free! That’s a deal you and your dogs can all get behind. We promise that with Bullymake you will find the box plan that treats you and your dog just right. You can find all the details on their website.

 Grey Birch Granola

Grey Birch Granola dog treats

We’re sure that there’s still some committed individuals out there that haven’t given up on their new year's healthy eating resolutions yet and we want to give you another boost of motivation. Get your dogs in on the fun! Grey Birch Granola was created from the idea that dogs should be enjoying healthy treats on the go. The special pups in our lives deserve to enjoy the same level of quality ingredients that we do. Even if you’ve given up on your healthy eating resolutions, or if you never started, you should never stop feeding your dogs the highest quality of treats. They are always worth it for the amount of love and joy they bring into our lives. Feed them with the same level of care that you love  - After all they’re humans best friends!

Unleash the Hounds

 Unleash the hounds dog bandanas

Who doesn’t love the beauty of the Pacific Northwest? And who wouldn’t love pet apparel inspired by that beauty? Exactly! We couldn’t think of anyone either. Unleash the Hounds has mastered their artisan-crafted pet apparel. They know how to dress up a pup, and we absolutely LOVE to see it! They are currently closed as they gear up for their newest seasonal arrivals that we know you all won’t be able to get enough of. In the meantime you can follow them on Instagram @unleashthehounds and subscribe to their email list at Unleash The Hounds to be up to date on their reopening details that will be coming soon!

 Wild Hound Outfitters

 Wild Hound Outfitters has everything durable, unique, and beautiful that you and your wild hound could ask for! Featured above is their White and Clay Ceramic Dog Blow and it is truly an exquisitely crafted piece of art, that is functional and meant to be in your home. Beautifully crafted pieces don't come as a surprise, because they create nothing but the best quality items. Checkout this and all the other amazing things Wild Hound offers!

Krummel & Mirth

Everyone wants their dog to stand out from the crowd! With Krummel & Mirth products that’s simply a given that your pup won’t just blend in, but be a show stopper. These handcrafted collars, leashes, and grips are made with a quality and durability that is more than certain to please. Our dogs deserve the most elegant collars and leashes we can give them. Krummel & Mirth products don’t just look amazing, they are also multifunctional! There is nothing but attention to detail in everything they create and that is something you don’t find often in the collars and leash department. You simply must check out their website and learn more about just how excellently they do things!


Madcow custom leather dog collars

Madcow products are made for the dogs that aren’t afraid to make a statement! We can all agree that your dog deserves nothing but the best, Madcow has accomplished just that. With their lifetime warranty and exceptional handcrafted products, they are guaranteed to more than satisfy you. They are a family owned business made up of inovatters, dreamers, and forward-thinkers driven by the desire to always update and improve the quality of their products. They stand by their motto of “always innovate, never duplicate” and it clearly has served them well. 

B&B Kustom Kennels

Like we said before, we are so honored to get to partner with these outstanding companies! It’s the quality and passion behind their work that makes them the best Dog Products of 2021. To find out more about these amazing companies and to stay up to date on all of their latest products and announcements follow them on Instagram:  @lillyandabbie @greybirchgranola @unleashthehounds @wildhoundoutfitters @krummelandmirth @houndworksllc @bullymake @mymadcow

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