It’s time to start planning for the heat. Summer means BBQs, baseball games, park hangs and swimming. But for dogs, it also means a greater potential for overheating. 

protect your dogs from the summer heat


Like us, our dogs will spend more time outside their kennels in the summer. But unlike us, they can’t just pop open an ice cold beverage to cool off. So how do we keep our furry friends comfy in the heat? According to PetMD, instead of sweating, like humans do, dogs will pant to decrease their body temp. But if you live somewhere with high temps, you should take additional steps to help your pooch. Obviously, providing shade, easy access to water and AC are important.  Beyond that, the Humane Society offers these additional tips on protecting your dog in the heat. 

  1. Keep your dog out of the hot car. 
  2. Be cautious to not over exercise your dog in the heat. 
  3. Consider the humidity as well as the temperature. If you feel concerned about the weather, you can even take your dog’s temperature. Dog temps should stay below 104 degrees. 

The Humane Society also advises to be extra cautious with breeds like boxers, pugs, and shitzus because they have a difficult time breathing in extreme temperatures. Dogs with white colored ears are also more susceptible to skin cancer. 

Protect your dog from the summer heat

There’s a ton of cool products on the market. (Pun intended.) Look at these cooling mats, cooling collars, or vests to use on hot days. If you really want to embrace the season, consider purchasing a doggie pool for your dog so they have a cool place to hang outside of their kennel. Throw on some tunes, grab your suit and enjoy the summer together. 

And when it’s time to come inside, our kennels provide a great climate friendly place for your pup. Check out our new colors!

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