Introducing a new member of the family! 

At B&B we are always looking for ways to expand our inventory to fit the most number of households and lifestyles. We keep an eye on design trends and listen to YOU - our customers. 

We recently added a natural color option to our inventory along with a new sleek foot design that incorporates a more Scandinavian feel. We were inspired in part by The Lofthouse - a private, luxury cabin and studio available for rent through Airbnb. The contrast between the gorgeous outdoor space and the modern, clean feel of the indoor space is a fantastic show of contemporary Scandinavian design.

The owners of that space put so much thought into making it the perfect getaway for a romantic weekend, a small work staycation, or just a place to enjoy the outdoors that we have access to here in Southern Colorado. We wanted to create a kennel that felt perfectly matched to that design aesthetic and your homes. 


Incorporating new designs, colors and textures is a process that for us takes a lot of thought, planning, and testing. Each new feature is brought to you with so much love and care. We make sure the wood that we build with is premium grade, allowing for the natural color and grain in the wood to make a statement in your home that you can be proud of. We are after all, not just creating a space for your furry best friend to relax but a piece of luxury furniture that will add to the custom feel of your home for years and years to come. 

Visit our shop page to start building your custom doggie den and make sure you check out the rest of our color options and combinations. We know you'll find something that will work perfectly for you and your family. 

Thank you to The Lofthouse for your hospitality and for allowing us access to your beautiful space. You can learn more about The Lofthouse and how to schedule your stay in the Black Forest here

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