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Phoenix Rising Rescue Shelter Spotlight

By March 20, 2017Shelter Spotlight

This post is part of our Shelter Spotlight series, where we highlight animal rescues and shelters around the country and donate $200 to their cause. Nominate a rescue in your community here.

Phoenix Rising Rescue is a foster based rescue meaning that they do not operate out of a facility. All of their rescue dogs are either with Carrie, PRR Founder, or in foster homes with other loving families. They aspire to have their own facility one day, but for now, they are still in foster based homes until they are adopted.

Why do they only focus on bully breeds? Pit Bulls and other bully breeds have been given a “bad rap” by the media. The truth about this magnificent breed is that they are incredibly intelligent and can be great family dogs.

The majority of the population think they’re out of their minds for how much time and energy they invest into what’s done at Phoenix Rising Rescue. Most don’t understand that dog rescue is not a hobby…it’s a lifestyle! They intend to change the world’s perception of Pit bulls and to rescue as many of these fabulous dogs as possible one pitty at a time!

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  • Bethel L Goodwin says:

    Love this rescue and the people that run it. Rescue is so expensive, but when you see lives changed its. worth the money spent.They have saved many lives that would not have a chance otherwise. I know recently they had a precious mom dog, one of many they have rescued who needed to go to the vet. initially she was thought to have a viral infection. She got the antibiotics she needed and is better now. However vet bills are expensive. That $200.00 might help with the vet bills or one of the other rescue needs. My vote is for Phoenix Rising Rescue. They are heroes, and are deserving of that money.

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