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7 exotic pet furniture pieces we found on Pinterest!

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As we’ve journeyed through through the Pet Furniture industry we couldn’t help but to notice other products that support your furbabies luxurious lifestyle. Here’s a look at few exotic pieces that we couldn’t help to notice and share with the community. These aren’t the “official” product names, just some funny ones we made up!

My favorite is #4… What’s yours?!

#1 The Doggy Hammock

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#2 Cabin Puppy Fever

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#3 The Pooch Lounger

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#4 The RUFFter House

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#5 Kitty Tree

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#6 Puppies in a Barrel

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

#7 Kitty Burger

Photo Cred: Pinned Here!

It’s not just a business.

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Brody and I took some time to reflect over the Thanksgiving Holiday and got to thinking about what our little pet furniture business is all about. I get to talk to every person who becomes part of our B&B family and it’s truly amazing to hear everyone’s story. One thing’s for certain, our business starts with the little pups, but the engine that drives this forward is family. We recently got to hear the powerful story of our friend Cindy, who’s Doggie Den has transformed into a memorial of her Firefighting husband.

“My husband was a firefighter and my best friend! In 2008 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My boss allowed me to work from home so I could be with and take care of him while he was Jeromeundergoing treatment. He fought a very brave and painful fight, but unfortunately, passed away four months later. I reached a point
where I could barely get out of bed and then my daughter talked me into getting a puppy that I knew I did not want! Now they have changed my life for the better” -Cindy Crawford

Just a year later Cindy now had two dogs, Cooper and Sammi that were housed in ugly wire kennels. After she saw our ad on Facebook she knew that the Doggie Den was the perfect home for her fur babies. Today, Cindy’s Doggie Den sits in her office that has now been turned into a memorial for her husband, Jerome.

As you can see displayed in these photos, the Firefighters from each department (Akron and Tallmadge) signed Jerome’s helmet and axe, honoring his service and courageous life. He was truly loved by all! While he was in the hospital there was always a fire truck out front. Someone was always there from the station to support them.

Although we are in the business of creating beautiful pieces of pet furniture, we are more so in the business of people and the stories that they get to tell. The Doggie Den has truly changed our life, and our biggest hope is that it will allow us to change someone else’s someday.

With Love

A Cubs Inspired Kennel to Raise Money for Chicago Animals

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Even though we live in Parker, CO and are in the middle of building our new manufacturing facility, my hometown roots grow deep in Chicago. Yes, I am a Cubs fan.

My entire childhood was spent living, breathing, and playing baseball, and when I wasn’t doing that I was watching the Chicago Cubs win at Wrigley Field with my friends and family. Growing up a Cubs fan can be full of heartache, excitement, and frustration, but no, not this year! This year was finally the year.

After we won the World Series, sang “Go, Cubs Go” and flew the W flag, Bethany and I looked at each other and had yet again, another crazy idea. “Let’s build a Cubs Doggie Den!” Just like that, we started designing this one-of-a-kind Doggie Den with the Cubs inspired colors, but that we were still missing something that would bring it all together. That’s when we decided to mount real baseballs to the feet of the Doggie Den, and there it was, the Cubs inspired Doggie Den was complete.

Instead of only auctioning this kennel off to the highest bidder, or sending it to the Cubs General Manager, we decided to do something different. My wife and I have always been passionate about giving back to communities, and more recently, animal shelters. We’ve decided to partner with a local Chicago animal rescue, PAWS Chicago, to help their efforts in making Chicago a No Kill Community. This Holiday season, our Chicago Cubs inspired Doggie Den will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting PAWS Chicago directly.

See how you can help in raising awareness for this great cause and contributing to their Giving Tuesday campaign.


The Doggie Den as seen on HGTV

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B&B Kustom Kennels will be featured in the show, “Sharing Paradise” on HGTV, Saturday, November 12th at 1:00pm (EST).

Here’s the details about the show and a little sneak peek of the where you’ll see our farmhouse style dog kennel this Saturday.

About the show (From HGTV): Couples or friends dreaming of owning a vacation home but unable to afford one on their own finally get a chance. In each episode of Sharing Paradise, groups of friends or family members pool their resources and go house hunting for the perfect vacation getaway to buy and share. Viewers will learn how to get the vacation home of their dreams, at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t forget! You can now purchase B&B Kustom Kennels gift cards this Holiday Season.

The lead time is real… here’s why:

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If you’ve been to our site in the last month you’ve probably noticed a bit of insanity in a reddish colored font on our shopping page. Yes, I’m referring to the delivery time that has increased week by week. 10 weeks, 15 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks, and now 27 weeks. No, we didn’t get hacked, no it’s not an accident. Sadly, this lead time is 100% true. Here’s why:

This picture. We shared one of our iconic Farmhouse Style double kennels on Facebook, like all of our other clients and then suddenly the rumblings began. We woke up to hundreds of requests and inquiries and then knew we had a problem. This photo went viral, reaching over 7,000,000 people on Facebook. The traffic to our site actually jammed up our website for over almost an hour! Thankfully our friends helped us out quickly and got us up and running again.

Farmhouse Grey Top

Here’s the good news. This lead time isn’t permanent! We’re obviously going through some growing pains at the moment and don’t want to see the quality of our product suffer. Soon, B&B Kustom Kennels will have an official headquarters! We plan to break ground in our new facility this October, and hopefully the doors open November here in Colorado. This space, along with hired hands, will alleviate some of the pains of this growth spurt, mainly space.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and fans with the quality product they expect (their dogs too). Stay tuned with our Facebook page for future updates.

Thank you for your patience and support in the B&B Kustom Kennels story!

Bethany & Brody
… and Gracie and Pyper.

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Mini Doggie Bunk GIVEAWAY!!

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If you grew up with brothers or sisters, odds are that you made a fort. Maybe it was a big sheet over your bunk beds, or maybe just a couple of chairs covered by a blanket.

Imagine if your teacup pups had their own!

We’ve had a number of requests for double doggie dens that are smaller and vertical. After a long night of construction, the Mini Doggie Bunk was born!

We know that there are two cute little dogs that would love to have this as their home, so let’s have a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here’s how you can win:

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We Started A Business!

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We’d like to pause for just one little moment and take a deep exhale…
Followed by a resounding: WE DID IT!

We started a business. It brings us great joy to know that we have taken a fun-loving idea and turned it into a product that dog-lovers like ourselves can enjoy too.

BB Kustom Kennels has come a long way in just over one month and we’re beyond thrilled to venture into the months ahead. Not only will we be fulfilling the orders that are coming in, but we are also starting to map out our schedule for trade-shows, expos and festivals across the country! (We’ll publish a full event schedule soon!)

What started as just one kennel for our very own fur-babies has now grown into two different styles of kennels, various sizes and stain colors. So far, the feedback has been tremendous! Take a look at how some of our Doggie Den fans are using this functional furniture in their home for their beloved pups and meet some of our new friends in their new homes!

Looking to get your Doggie Den? Take a look here!