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A Cubs Inspired Kennel to Raise Money for Chicago Animals

By November 20, 2016Uncategorized

Even though we live in Parker, CO and are in the middle of building our new manufacturing facility, my hometown roots grow deep in Chicago. Yes, I am a Cubs fan.

My entire childhood was spent living, breathing, and playing baseball, and when I wasn’t doing that I was watching the Chicago Cubs win at Wrigley Field with my friends and family. Growing up a Cubs fan can be full of heartache, excitement, and frustration, but no, not this year! This year was finally the year.

After we won the World Series, sang “Go, Cubs Go” and flew the W flag, Bethany and I looked at each other and had yet again, another crazy idea. “Let’s build a Cubs Doggie Den!” Just like that, we started designing this one-of-a-kind Doggie Den with the Cubs inspired colors, but that we were still missing something that would bring it all together. That’s when we decided to mount real baseballs to the feet of the Doggie Den, and there it was, the Cubs inspired Doggie Den was complete.

Instead of only auctioning this kennel off to the highest bidder, or sending it to the Cubs General Manager, we decided to do something different. My wife and I have always been passionate about giving back to communities, and more recently, animal shelters. We’ve decided to partner with a local Chicago animal rescue, PAWS Chicago, to help their efforts in making Chicago a No Kill Community. This Holiday season, our Chicago Cubs inspired Doggie Den will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting PAWS Chicago directly.

See how you can help in raising awareness for this great cause and contributing to their Giving Tuesday campaign.


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